Monitor employee phone with mobile tracking software


No business will suffer a loss if an employee works on time and with honesty. But in today’s era, an employee rarely works with full integrity. The main cause of this is the convenience of digital technology.

The company gives employees mobile access to manage all small issues and interactions. But over time, employees start misusing it. They use unlimitedly like make endless calls to friends or use company data or view unnecessary things on the internet, etc.

Such things directly impact company productivity through which company performance gets down in the market. To avoid this, spy technology provides a solution in the form of advanced spying software. TheOneSpy is the most popular mobile tracking software that facilitates millions of users in the world. Its dynamic features and unique services give a special edge over other software.

TOS Mobile Tracking Software

To better the internal environment and to compete successfully in the market, many businesses have adopted TheOneSpy. Although there is a vast range of employee tracking software, TheOneSpy has its place in the business world. TOS offers a special plan that comprises dynamic spying features. TOS empowers businesses to remain alert about upcoming dangers and prevent employees from wasting working hours in useless activities. Besides that, its surveillance tools keep user privacy and track all activities of a targeted person in real-time without creating any disturbance.

TheOneSpy Features and Their Functions

TheOneSpy advance features and their robust functions detect all information from the targeted phone and provide the user at their cloud account. Businesses want to stop employees from wasting duty hours in personal and useless activities. Or if the employee has any wrong intention like of sharing secret data with a competitor or any personal dispute with a colleague, so employers can know about it on time.

TheOneSpy offers 250 plus spying tools in employee tracking software. Let’s discuss some major features of TOS for employee monitoring app.

Call Logs

With Call log, an employer can;

listen to all live incoming and outgoing phone calls.

remotely start recording any call.

Message Tracker

With a message tracker, an employer can;

track all sent and received chats messages.

have a look at any chat with exact time and date.

record live conversation.

Spy on contacts

With contact tracker, an employer can;

have a look at all saved contact numbers by the targeted employee.

monitor all deleted and newly added contacts.

Live screen recorder

With a screen recorder, an employer can;

record any activity on a single click.

record short interval back-to-back videos.

Live 360 camera viewer

With 360 camera viewers, an employer can;

view the targeted phone live surrounding.

use both front and back cameras.

Live 360 surrounding listener

With the surrounding listener, an employer can;

listen surrounding voices of the targeted phone, like whispering gossip and any secret communication etc.

E-mail tracker

With an e-mail tracker, an employer can;

track all incoming and outgoing e-mails on the targeted phone.

get all mail history with exact time stamps.

GPS location tracker

With a screen recorder, an employer can;

track the live exact location of the targeted person.

have a look at weekly/ monthly/ yearly location history of the targeted phone.


With geo-fencing, an employer can;

put alerts on restricted areas.

get an instant alert whenever a targeted person will go there.

TOS Value for Money

TheOneSpy gives true value for money to the user by offering free and useful services.


TheOneSpy is compatible with all Android versions and models as well.

Discount offers

TOS offers a special discount on all events to make our special day more charming and delighted.

Customer Support

TOS not only offers 24/7 customer support services but also provides a technical team which helps users in technical issues.

Major reasons for employee monitoring

Why does any business need to spy on its employees? What can be the major reasons? Here are some major and common issues when the business goes for spy software.

  • If you want to increase employee productivity
  • To evaluate individual employee performance
  • You can protect business secret/ sensitive data.
  • To prevent employees from wasting time in unlimited use of mobile devices.
  • To stop employees from using social media during duty.


It turns out that TOS mobile tracking software is the best for business. It empowers the business to detect employees’ lack of performance and to decide according to the situation.

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