Top Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Company Secretary



Having a company secretary Malaysia is a mandatory requirement. Their position is among the most important in a firm. The duties and responsibilities of a corporate secretary are vast and diverse. They’re also crucial for the smooth running and operation of your company. The only way to enjoy their benefits is by hiring a competent person for the role. However, you should be careful to avoid hiring the wrong person for this role. Here are the common mistakes to avoid this time.

Engaging an Inexperienced Agency

The primary reason why you’re hiring a secretary is due to their skills, knowledge, and experience. These traits allow you to get value for your money. Therefore, don’t engage the services of a newbie in the industry. You don’t have the time or resources to train them.  The agency you hire should be competent at what they do. Its experts should know other professionals that they’re likely to work with. For instance, they should have contact details for Audit Company in Malaysia. Use their service to determine whether you’ve been using money in a good or bad way.

Using Family Members to Save on Money

Most businesses are hiring family members and relatives to ask as an expert. Well, this doesn’t mean that it can’t work. Family can still deliver the best results for this role. But don’t install them with a plan to save on cost. In most cases, the family will not want to focus on any red signals. But engage a professional to help you out on your ideal needs.

Failure to Introduce Experts Early Enough to Your Business Cycle

After introducing an expert to your firm, optimize their service for a higher monetary value. However, the challenges are difficult to achieve, especially where you don’t hire an expert early enough. The focus should be on getting the right person for this role. Check your needs and determine whether they’ll meet them or not.

Going for the Cheapest Service

Currently, there are so many service providers in the market. Most of these traders charge different rates for their service. However, don’t make a decision based on cost. It’s also advisable to spend some time with three or more shortlisted agencies. Carefully evaluate them and choose the best for your needs and wants.


Hiring a company secretary isn’t an easy process. Yes, you want to save on cost and get someone who aligns with your colour and style. Despite your financial condition, never go for the cheapest option.

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