Web design trends for 2020 and beyond



Are you willing to know about Web design trends for 2020? If Yes the read the entire content. One of the mistakes that companies make is to assume that once they have their site up, then they can sit and wait for it to perform. It doesn’t work that way. Every day new things are happening online and for your website to stay relevant and serve the purpose, then you have to keep updating it regularly. You must stay on top of trends if you are to stand out in the world of web design. Innovations are coming up every other day and this means a lot of changes in the next few years.

Here are the Web design trends for 2020 and Beyond:


Many designers believe that when you incorporate animation, music, videos, loads of images and such in a page, it is proof of expertise. As true as it may, one of the things you must get right is that the more you have such, the more it slows the speed and the site’s loading time is highly affected. Too many graphics are not mobile friendly and this will affect the use-experience. Remember your target is to reach as many internet users as possible. Thus, you need to talk to a reliable Web Design North Sydney expert who will ensure your design is simple; minimal and without compromising on the website’s general outlook, look for features that will make it easy for the visitors to go through your pages easily.


Any site visitor or potential client doesn’t have lots of time browsing through your pages. Therefore, one of the things you must think of is the ease with which one will get to your offerings. You must design your pages so that you’ll make the first impression in less than five seconds, otherwise, they’ll lose interest.  Users want speed, which means once you have made an impression of your site, and then speed is what will keep the prospects. Make it easy for them to browse through with ease, even with mobile devices.  Avoid abundant data that may lag your content, it will downplay your effort.

Video backgrounds

As minimalism gets popular, the popularity of video backgrounds continues to draw attention to many online users. Research has shown that video backgrounds are gaining popularity. Here, upon loading the pages, there are images but still, the majority of videos can be seen. Once a user arrives at your site, the video begins to play automatically. Thus when you have a video on the homepage, it gives an introduction to your brand and offerings.  Videos are likely to draw the attention of many visitors than texts or images but you have to be careful not to have too many videos that would compromise load speed.

Use of grids

If your site is to stay ahead of the curve and attract traffic, you must get an SEO North Sydney designer who will help you consider what site visitors want today and envisage the improvements which will drive traffic in the future.  Layouts that are broken in design is something that is popular today and most likely will continue to draw the attention of many in the years to come. In a grid system, images, videos, and other graphics are added and amended so that there is consistency throughout the website.

Web design is an ever-evolving industry and one must keep abreast of the trends. What worked yesterday may not work in the days to come. Therefore, if your site has to achieve its purpose, then you must always be in an innovative mood.

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